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Huge resource of All Wushu kungfu products!!!

Want to be our wholesaler in your country?

Issuing time:2018-03-11 08:39

Come and join our bright business on Wushu Kungfu products!

1- Do you run a wushu school or online stores on amazon, ebay or yours online halls?

2- Do you have any experience in selling wushu kungfu products there?

3- What's mainly are you interested in?

4- Do you want to be our wholesaler there?   20%, 30%, even 60% discount available!

We don't support to open online wholesale accounts, according to our experience, most of buyers Just buy 1 or 2 pieces with cheaper price, not for long term wholesale business.

If you want to do wholesale business, no problem, we are a factory, so best prices available. Whatever FOB by air by sea, both okay.

Please get back to our office email:   info@everythingwushu.com for further detail.

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